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FLP Incentives, Growth And Awards

Forever Living Products - High Flying

FLP Incentives


Forever Living Products keeps you motivated and going strong with incredible incentives:

  • All-expense-paid trips to Super Rally.
  • Chairman's Bonus.
  • Extra bonuses.
  • Exotic vacations all over the world.
  • Special Promotions where you can earn gifts, trips and special recognition.
  • Earned Incentive Program supplies you with up to $800 a month for a car, boat, house, or other asset of your choice.

Growth and Awards


Bonuses. Promotions. Recognition. Prestige.

It’s all part of the experience with Forever Living Products. We celebrate every step of your growth with the appreciation you deserve. You’ll be showered with bonuses.

You’ll qualify for amazing incentives. Enjoy an exotic vacation on us. And be recognized publicly at events and Rallies. It just our way of saying thank you.

Eagle Manager Incentive

But what is the Eagle Manager Incentive really for?

FLP's Eagle Manager Pin

President of Forever Living Products, Gregg Maughan, explains, ‘Some people get really excited when they start the business, and they generate excitement and momentum. Then they achieve Manager… They start to manage their group and forget about the basics, like sponsoring and what they did to get to Manager in the first place.

As a result, sometimes when a FBO reaches the Manager level, they tend to go dormant. They therefore don’t grow their businesses as much as they could do in order to achieve real success. They then ask themselves ‘how can I become more successful? This is where the Eagle Manager Incentive comes in.

The Eagle Manager incentive sets the requirements to help FBOs understand what they need to do to continue to move their business forwards towards, as UK FBOs and Soaring Eagle Manager Andy Waring terms it. The big money.

The qualification period for the 2014 Eagle Manager recognition started May 1. You have until April 30, 2014 - a whole year - to accumulate the necessary case credit volume to receive this, the most prestigious title that Forever offers!

From now on, everyone you personally sponsor, along with their resulting downline organizations, will count toward the requirement of 100 'New' Case Credits. Of these new recruits, only two of them need to achieve the Supervisor level.

So start now, so you will have plenty of time to reach this goal. The Total Case Credit requirement of 720 (which includes the 100 'New') can be achieved by averaging only 60 per month.

Eagle Manager PinThis year over 1000 FBO qualified, and we are absolutely certain that you can do the same! When you do, you will be invited to the exclusive Eagle Manager Retreat.

So don't miss this opportunity to add the coveted golden Eagle designation to your Manager pin and enjoy the satisfaction, the prestige and the monetary rewards of building an Eagle business!

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