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FLP Success

Your Success is Our Success

When you sign up to be a Novus Customer, you become part of the Forever Living family. At Forever Living Products, our business isn’t multi-million dollar ad campaigns or cramming superstore shelves full of our products. Our business is you!

Financial Independence

Your upline sponsors and your Regional Sales Directors are always there to help you. Plus, we provide you with excellent training materials and access to our media library and archives. Starting your own business sounds intimidating. But with support every step of the way, you’ll know that your success is why we’re here.

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Guaranteed Success

Forever Living Products provides you with this simple, proven cycle that guarantees your success. If you and your team members follow the steps in this cycle, there is no limit to how large your business will become and how much money you will earn.

  1. Purchase a Business Pak.
  2. Develop a plan.
  3. Set your foundation by retailing 4 case credits per month.
  4. Follow up with your clients and prospects.
  5. Present the business opportunity.
  6. Sponsor new team members and guide them through the cycle.

Success Circle

Training and Education

Forever Living is committed to your success—and this means giving you the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to become a leader. Training and education is critical. We offer everything you need to get started—and feel confident in your new business—here at

Review product brochures, training videos, PowerPoint workshops, and monthly messages. Plus, you can find local meetings and get information for our inspiring Rallies for the ultimate training experience.

Forever Living

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