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Forever Bright Toothgel With Aloe Vera
Forever Living Products USA - Canada

Contents Net Wt. 4.6 oz. (130 g)

USA# 028
Price USA: $7.64 USD
Bright Toothgel With Aloe Vera | Forever Living Products USA - Canada
Price CANADA: $10.08 CAD
CAN# 028C
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What is it?

Aloe vera has long been treasured for its quality and versatility, including dental care. Your teeth will gleam with Forever Bright Aloe Vera Toothgel, one of the best toothgels on the market.

  • Contains bee propolis.
  • Formulated for the entire family.
  • Does not contain fluoride.


Formulated for the entire family to use, Forever Bright Aloe Vera Toothgel contains only the highest quality ingredients. It is also suitable for vegetarians since it contains no animal by-products. Natural peppermint and spearmint flavorings leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean.

Years of research, development and collaboration with scholars and dentists have provided Forever Living with the optimum aloe-based formula for effective cleaning. Your family will love the flavor and the clean mouth-feel.



Brush teeth after meals with Forever Bright Toothgel for sparkling teeth and fresher breath.

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